In case you are interested in starting an online store powered by Shopify focused on selling eBooks online business, then you should pay special attention to the theme. Namely, there are dozens of Shopify themes out there and many of them are great for retail stores, but the truth is that online book stores have specific needs and requirements. The good news is that you can find a wide range of Shopify themes created for book stores. Almost all of them are equipped with amazing features like search engine optimization, Instagram and Facebook integration, responsiveness, email subscription forms, and many other useful things. In order to save some time, we have decided to present a few Shopify themes used by successful book sellers on the Internet.



  1. Label

This is one of the most popular Shopify themes used by book stores and publishers. It comes with a minimal design that makes users feel comfortable whenever they are in your virtual store. It also has beautiful social networking icon integration and a responsive layout. This means that users can get the information they need from your store and purchase books regardless of the device they use. In addition, Label features different payment method icons, social media icons, an optimized blog, email subscription form and few other things. If you use this theme in the right way, you can expect to improve your selling eBooks online business opportunities.

  1. Editions

Now here’s a great example of a modern Shopify theme designed for books. It provides a dark design and an effective responsive layout. The designers have paid special attention to the colors and font, but users should feel free to adjust these elements whenever they want. This process is very simple and doesn’t require special knowledge. In addition, Editions has a multi-level menu, simple Instagram integration, search engine optimization for the entire content, quick shop feature, currency conversion and book zooming.  It’s worth investing in good photography when using this theme.

  1. Kickstand

The previous two themes we’ve mentioned were a little bit expensive. If you are looking for a free Shopify theme for the book business, you can definitely try Kickstand. This theme comes with CSS3 animations that make the user experience even better. It also has a solid level of responsiveness and allows users to share content over social media easily. Besides that, Kickstand has cross-browser compatibility, an attractive blog section, and email subscription form too.

  1. Literature lovers spot

The list continues with an exclusive Shopify theme for book authors and book sellers called Literature lovers spot. This Shopify theme doesn’t cost much and it comes with a neat design, fully functional slideshow, simple contact page, responsiveness and easy login and registration forms. It also has a unique comment system which allows users to comment and review books and services. The online chat is here to create an online community of book lovers. There are also a few search engine optimization features that will make your online book store more visible.

  1. Book shop

Book Shop is another amazing Shopify theme created with book sellers’ requirements in mind. It has a simple, yet visually appealing design and a completely responsive layout. This theme includes Google Maps integration as well as a Bootstrap framework. Just like Literature lovers spot, Book Shop comes with an online chat feature. The Jquery effects, CSS3 code, and THML5 code are here to provide better customization.

This is just a short list of all the great Shopify themes that online book sellers can use. Choose your theme carefully because it can affect your sales.