Income Stats – February 2013

Hi dear readers! I just came back home from baths where I take shower once a week, and while having a rest, finally decided it’s the best time to write my next post. Yes, I can take shower only once a week, while many of you probably take it couple times a day. My living conditions haven’t changed to the better, despite having this goal for all this time while… Read More »

Income Stats – June And July 2012

Hi! It’s been another 2 months… Time really passes so fast, and SEO is a really slow method of making big money online. I’m now in hospital, having limited capacities to work online. But nevertheless, sharing my recent earnings: June 2012 – $2729,91 July 2012 – $3067,01 As you see, I’ve has some tough times this summer. Almost ALL my sites have dropped off page 1, even my “bulletproof” site… Read More »

Income Stats – April and May 2012

Hi! I’ll be pretty quick in this post. There’s nothing valuable I can say now, and you probably know why. Incomes I’ve earned recently: April 2012 – $ 10613.32 May 2012 – $ 3627.21 In particular, I made $636.47 from adsense in April, and $576.29 in May. It was one of 3 sites that I launched in the very competitive niche in US. The rest 2 sites are nowhere to… Read More »

Income Stats – March 2012

Oh boy – another month is over.. I’ll be straight now – thanks to google, my income dropped a bit and: March 2012 – $7208,33 One of my lastest posts was about blog networks. I’ve showed some real numbers of how a typical blog looks like in each network. Thousands of posts indexed, even more – not (yet) indexed. Any imaginable topic. And thousands of such sites serving the needs… Read More »

Income Stats – January and February 2012

Is anyone still missing me? ) It’s been a while and I never posted my monthly report posts with such a delay. I’ve finally managed to get out to a vacation, which was aso much needed for both me and my mom, who wasn’t on any vacations for over 10 years. For about a month, we had a rest in a beautiful place in Belorussia – there was a white… Read More »

Blog Network Submissions Are Not Boosting Your Rankings? Here’s Why…

Blog networks has became the 1-stop SEO solution for many marketers relying on high ran kings and organic traffic. It’s the only low cost and in many cases almost automated method of getting the required IP diversity and in-context linking from high PR domains which is considered as a real ranks booster as compared to links spamming of any kind. There are numerous blog networks right now that we can… Read More »

Income Stats – December 2011

Looks like I’ve been neglecting blogging these days, after so much hard work the energy levels exhaust and you need time to make full recovery. In the last months of 2011 I kind of lost my bearings and this resulted in the effectiveness of online activity. Yes, in order to grow the income, we need more traffic – that’s obvious. So it’s also obvious that we need to get more… Read More »

Income Stats – November 2011

The income in November is in the decline after the October’s peak. It looks like October was also a peak of my performance as nowadays I’m not doing a lot of work myself. Partly due to some offline matters, partly due to health issues, but now I tend to concentrate on less sites. November 2011 – $6540.65 I have to say that despite some sites only dropped several positions in… Read More »

Income Stats – October 2011

I can’t believe another month has passed so fast – I wish our goals would be achieved as fast, so that we could enjoy the life a bit and reap the awards. October was a pretty hard month for me, as I mentioned in comments – I had to significantly reduce the workload due to health issues. There were plans to complete a big affiliate site and start several others… Read More »

Income Stats – September 2011

September earnings made my day! With a quick burst in sales in first days of September, the income went down a lot – I even calculated the gross earnings on Sept 20 and found that I haven’t made even $3000! That supposed to be a huge drop – after all, despite the “slow” August my income still was on the highest level. So I got mentally prepared for the drop…… Read More »

Creating Bulk Unique Variations Of The Resource Boxes For Your Article Marketing Campaigns

Hello readers! In this post I wanted to share a pretty great technique that I use for all my article marketing campaigns and related submissions. The benefit of this method is that it allows you to save a tons of time and make sure all your site pages receive their backlink juice. For this purpose, I will use tools like Magic Article Rewriter or The Best Spinner, and a free… Read More »

Income Stats – August 2011

August is the month when everything seemed to slow down really. Adsense traffic and CTR, sales volumes, overall traffic to sites… And to be frank I expected August to be my worst month of 2011, as the “dead” period was so long… But during the last days of the months things started to pick up so fast and I saw nice increase in sales. Especially one of my sites that… Read More »

Income Stats – July 2011

Please don’t tell me another month is behind…) Yes July was a very slow month, especially in the beginning. Despite having several sites back to top 3 after the recent google’s update, I’ve seen much lower conversion rates as well as traffic decrease in the weight loss related niches. But – sticking to my diversification approach – I had another nice month. Here’s the stats: July 2011 – $5146,55 The… Read More »

Income Stats – June 2011

I can’t believe one summer month is passed already… So much work is done, and even more to be done! As you have noticed, all this google earthquakes seem to settle down a bit, many sites got back to top positions, including most of my sites as well. Plus, I recently noticed a PR update. This was a HUGE PR update, I mean for my sites… My top ex PR4… Read More »

Income Stats – May 2011

Another month passed so fast and I hardly managed to blink an eye… It’s been a month when google kicked out another bunch of my sites with it’s update, including those that made some healthy profits on a daily basis. And despite all these changes, I still managed to keep up my earnings, and even raise the bar a bit! I’ll be short here in this post, otherwise it’d take… Read More »