Income Stats – February 2013

Hi dear readers!

I just came back home from baths where I take shower once a week, and while having a rest, finally decided it’s the best time to write my next post.

Yes, I can take shower only once a week, while many of you probably take it couple times a day. My living conditions haven’t changed to the better, despite having this goal for all this time while this blog exists.

I’m still having some health issues, and this was the #1 reason why I haven’t updated my blog for such a long time. Since August 2012, I spent several months in the hospital, and my conditions got worse since then.

But – despite all of this, I’m still working online, and started to push business forward after having really limited ability to work in the hospital.

What’s The Current State Of Business?

During the hospital days (2 months to be correct) I launched only one website, for the famous green coffee bean niche. The website had no success because of extreme competitiveness of this niche, and only made several sales.

The commissions were low since I try to promote good quality products from trusted merchants (so these are not free trials that pay $40 or more).

But the Autumn time was the time of significant re-thinking of outdated SEO strategies, LOTS of learning, analyzing top ranking websites, understanding what’s working now.

Since December, I started to slowly invest into fresh domains for health and weight loss related products and niches, and also into the upgrading my private network of aged domains.

I also did “maintenance SEO” for my authority website, that is now like a small ATM generating up to a dozen sales a day.

In February, I invested a little bit over $700 into fresh domains and aged domains, and still spinning my head as to how to manage all these sites and launch all of them :)

What About My Incomes?

As you may have noticed, I wasn’t writing posts, but was updating my “Monthly Incomes” page, and despite being really quiet with active SEO, I managed to keep the incomes level at $2000 and more.

This is far below my desired income levels… Why? I stated to track my expenses on life, and realized that this city is too expensive to live in, and I need at least $7000-10000 a month to keep pursuing my goal of improving the living conditions.

The business expenses are at the level of $1000 a month, and my living expenses are at the same level! So basically, I’m breaking even!

Yes, the January and February were over $3000, but this is because of the spike in health niches, and the authority status of my big site that ranks high and gets some buyer traffic.

That’s why I’m now working with my sleeves rolled up building new websites in different sub-niches, to keep the overall traffic and income higher.

By the way, my recent earnings:

February 2013 – $3797.49

(and over $2000 worth of expenses, including over $700 on domains). The highest investment was $285 for an aged domain in the skin care niche, where I plan to rank sub-pages targeting different products.

What About This Blog?

Again, I’m feeling sorry for abandoning the blog for such a long time.

I know, we all have different circumstances that affect the way we behave. Last year was too much for me – backstabbing google update that turned all my hard efforts into dust, dropping me from the heavens of imperatorial laurels into the “beginning” stage of incomes.

That was a real pain after achieving the goal of making $10000 a month… The inability to keep up the hard work due to health stuff only broke me mentally even more. And I had to take a break and come to grips with this.

So, right now I’m not going to make a loud statements to update the blog 1 (..2, 3) times a month, as it’s still pretty hard for me to cope with lots of stuff. Let me leave some space of freedom here, as I wanted to post only what makes sense and value.

From now on, some posts will probably be really short, only featuring some interesting things I noticed and came across, that make sense to note and discuss.

If you are reading this sentence, thank you for being a loyal and patient reader, I really appreciate it!

Income Stats – June And July 2012


It’s been another 2 months… Time really passes so fast, and SEO is a really slow method of making big money online.

I’m now in hospital, having limited capacities to work online. But nevertheless, sharing my recent earnings:

June 2012 – $2729,91

July 2012 – $3067,01

As you see, I’ve has some tough times this summer. Almost ALL my sites have dropped off page 1, even my “bulletproof” site that survived all previous updates ever happened since 2010, slipped to position 18 (now recovering to #8 though).

It’s obvious that google won’t stop doing these onging updates, corrections and fixes to their algo. Here are my short observations of the current SEO landscape in health related niches.

What’s Happening Now

Google doesn’t care about good quality content, it’s caring about recycling traffic between own properties and squeezing the advertizing bucks as much as they can. Have you seen high quality sites in top? I’ve seen A LOT of Youtube videos (usually crappy ones) and a bunch of web 2.0 properties like, etc… – usually promoted with a huge Xrumer or Scrapebox blasts (Hint – use this strategy if you like – it works now)

And pages from these web 2.0s are usually not “living” too long in top 10. Today, we see some guyes ranking with page, tomorrow we see that page gone, and some blog coming to get their small crumbs of money before they vanish.

What I’m Doing Now

Yes I keep ranking websites in top 10. The only downside is not having enough time to work on SEO, as I’ recently been having some presonal issues I had to handle with – my mom’s health, and my own eventually..

As the VA gone, I’m only relying on my own “hands”, and doing everything myself, except for writing content (I wish I’d only do just that, because it’s a creative work and it’s so pleasant to see how the content starts to convert with double digits rates, but webmaster is like a “small corporation” in one head).

As you see, I managed to hold the income level at around $3000, and that’s all thanks to a couple of new websites I’ve created in May and June, that are now ranking #2-4 and converting. I even had my good old $500-day, but unfortunately that happens mostly due to the spike of interest in the product, and I cannot say that happens quite often.

So, now I keep on building new websites (doing that on a really slow path) and ranking them. I still haven’t managed to switch my approach and rely less on google, that’s my #1 priority, but offline stuff interrupts the working process.

For the old sites that were proven money-makers, I’m re-creating the same approach on a brand new domain, as brand new domains seem to rank better than old domains that have existed prior to the panda/penguin, regardless of the content quality.

And by the way, a week ago my $5-dollars-a-day adsense account was banned. Right prior to the next payment – google loves to push s#@t.

Income Stats – April and May 2012


I’ll be pretty quick in this post. There’s nothing valuable I can say now, and you probably know why. Incomes I’ve earned recently:

April 2012 – $ 10613.32

May 2012 – $ 3627.21

In particular, I made $636.47 from adsense in April, and $576.29 in May. It was one of 3 sites that I launched in the very competitive niche in US. The rest 2 sites are nowhere to be seen in rankings.

Finally, I’ve achieved my goal and made over $10000 a month. The update has rolled out at the end of April, as you know. Until it started to affect me, I’ve had severl niche sites converted well (April was always great month for many niches). Then in May I’ve lost all my rankings, except 3-4 sites. In May, when it was clear that this crappy update won’t be rolled back (google believe they did a great job), I had to let me VA go, and stopped making new sites, except 1 site.

At this point, 1 of my sites was still bringing some good commissions (the lion share of May commissions were made with this site), then 1.1 update buried this site too. I was left with 1 site (this baby seems to be unbeatable as it’s not targeting US market) in top 2 positions for main keywords, and another site that I launched in January and it jumped to top 2-5 positions for majority of keywords in  late March and still generated some serious adsense cash (see above).

So, now I can say that google killed all my business. I’m barely making any sales now. It was very strange, as I’ve been doing massive anchor diversification from ancient times, as well as diversified backlink sources a lot. I also created sited with great content (always did so to be frank) and good internal linking and no over-optimized pages. Plugins like SEOPressor and similar were never in my portfolio of SEO tools.

What I predicted several months ago, happened – but I couldn’t imagine it will kill almost everything. I’ve been always talking about google in a very strong language, their scumbag policy towards people was known since 2009 when they mercilessly closed access to their paid traffic to thousands of people… now they’re cutting webmasters from organic search, and what we see in top rankings looks opposite to what they’ve been tarrgeting by this update.

That's just one of the examples of the current organic landscape. Epherda is banned by FDA, google should be punished for this.

Sure, if you still want to keep up your earnings, you can always release infoshit like “Penguin-proof Strategies” or “How to avoid getting slapped by Penguin” – these are making me smile all the way round. I’d ask their creators – “How many sites have you personally got back to their top rankings with your advice?” – if at least several, I’d buy… If the sites like have been hurt without obvious reasons (read the post on, what can WE do now? Start from scratch and begin feeding google beast with another portions of great content so that they grow even more and conquer the whole internet? Bitches becoming too mighty, but it’s clear for me again – they deserve nothing but being gamed and f#&ed even deeper than before, not because we webmasters are so bad guyes, but because of the rules of the game that google bitches set.

So, I’m still deciding where from here. This time I’m left a bit more money than in 2009 when google killed my adwords account, so there’s more opportunities, investment-wise. My mom’s room repair seems to be over soon, and I hope to spend more time working on the business.

Income Stats – March 2012

Oh boy – another month is over..

I’ll be straight now – thanks to google, my income dropped a bit and:

March 2012 – $7208,33

One of my lastest posts was about blog networks. I’ve showed some real numbers of how a typical blog looks like in each network. Thousands of posts indexed, even more – not (yet) indexed. Any imaginable topic. And thousands of such sites serving the needs of IM SEO crowd.

It’s 1000% obvious that google doesn’t want this in their index – so, all the recent events with BMR. I also was a member of Backlink Solutions – and checked several of their domains (got data from pingbacks) – all were deindexed. That was enough for me to discontinue my membership.

You can also check out other people’s incomes for March 2012 by visiting Mark’s page – Curated list of income reports from blogosphere March 2012.

What’s Working, What’s Not…

Well, there’s recently been an insane amount of useless content generated on the topic of “SEO – sky is falling” with variations. Death of blog networks, google this, google that etc..

Here’s my take on that all – it’s all the same like a year or 2 before.

1. Analyse who’s in top 10 and their overall strategy (not only backlinks, but the site itself, how it’s laid out, the content)

2. Diversify as much as possible

That’s basically it – I haven’t come up with better streategy for myself (and advice for people who are in SEO and affiliate marketing, like me) for the last several years of dealing with google and their ongoing worthless paranoia about so called “better sites in SERPs” .

Always analyse the top ranked sites. I personally now use + all known free SEO tools + SEO Power Suite that I bought with a good discount some time ago. Enough to see what’s behind the site that ranks #1-2-3. # of unqiue domains linking to it, the overall links profile, whick links he’s relying on…

You will be amazed at what works now – I mean right now! post panda x.xx. I’ve seen sites that rank #2-3 and use nothing but good old sidebar links. Not a single blog comment, profile link, article link, guest post – just links exchange (or adding) like in good old 2007.

I’ve used a good old directory submission and got one of my recent sites to #2 for pretty competitive keyword – and nice $20 daily earnings added to my adsense portfolio.

I’m still using good old profile links and my sites are not buried in the 100+ page of google, but make me money.

Yes, the death of 1-2 blog networks doesn’t mean that all other blog networks are dead now and their links are a waste of time, obviously these links work, you just need to diversify as much as possible… probably like that:

(protecting the networks by hiding their names)

And these are just blog networks…

3. Just build new sites.

A lot of advice is now given to the sites that at least require some serious time and money investment to became real authority.

But – we are building sites that don’t have that huge inventory of super-researched and expert content on the topic – we just target the buyers and give them all the info to make an informed desicion and click that “order now” button on the merchant site.

Who cares linking to us with the so called “natural” links? “Look, that 10 page mini-site about the product is so great, that I can’t help pushing this FB like button like crazy, tweet about it and send it to all my friends over email”!!!

Oh, maybe your competitors in the same niche will kindly link to you? I’m doing this every day becase this is what google is dreaming about – narual linking to great content  :lol:

google doesn’t care about your business – so phrases like “so this, and google will love you” are complete BS.

It’s not google that decides how I should monetize my site, how many banners/links to place & where – it’s ME who decides.

It’s not a robotic google algo that determines relevancy of conent->search term – again, it’s me, the marketer, who understands marketing and relevant content a bit better then virtual algorythm of ranking. So when some google slave starts to spread out his philosophy of “how things should be because I said it” – well, who cares about his words? Newbies? Probably! Smart guyes just keep smartly adjusting to the new rules and turning it in their favor ;)

Aren’t you sick of these crazy advertisements all over Youtube, you have to wait 5 secs to skip the ad in order to watch your favourite clip. Quite often, you HAVE to watch it anyway.

Using our video hosting platform? – eat the s#*t we’re getting money for!” – but you cannot do this on your sites, because we set the rules, and your sites are just the food for OUR crowd, and WE want all the money from it – you just help us with it and eat your adcents, or if you’re earning from 3rd party programs – get lost from our top!

OK, I hope this post won’t get spread too far, so I humbly shutting down my mouth and keep working on my business.

Income Stats – January and February 2012

Is anyone still missing me? )

It’s been a while and I never posted my monthly report posts with such a delay. I’ve finally managed to get out to a vacation, which was aso much needed for both me and my mom, who wasn’t on any vacations for over 10 years.

For about a month, we had a rest in a beautiful place in Belorussia – there was a white snow, frost and lonely wood with no towns nearby. Unfortunatley though, this affected my online work, as I had to buy a wi-fi card, activate it and enjoy the slowest connection I can recall from my early “internet” days.

So, I could only answer emails and manage my assistant who did all the work.

Despite my pessimistic thoughts, the last 2 months appeared to be the incredibly cool in terms of affiliate earnings. December sucked badly – but this is how January and February did for me:

January 2012 – $8813,76

Yes – the month with a spiking buying activity and overall actvity – even adsense, my weakest venture so far, produced $185,89. I had sales in 10 different affiliate and CPA networks, ranging from thousands to hundreds dollars per single sites. Yes, Amazon was a real fun – only $0,52 :)

February 2012 – $9023,06

In Feb my sites kept on killing it and I even reached the new height, which was so close to my goal of $10K a month. Do you remember I said that a portion of the sites are not making any money, despite high rankings? So, these 2 months were the time when all these products converted – so a huge factor determining the return on investment is how good is the product and is there any offline “substitutes”?

This is extremely important! If the product you are promoting online, has a lot of alternatives available offline (like in the stores, supermarkets, drugstores) – you need a really huge advantage in order to successfully convert it online – like massive discount, or probably exclusive freebies that come with this product online only, etc…

Is It Going To Be So Cool In The Future?

Hmm, I saw it many times – just as I’m starting to gain the momentum and reach new heights, google starts it’s ugly convulsions and ruins all the hard efforts.

And 2012 is set to become a year when SEO is totally unpredictable and unstable like never before! I’ve been tracking a lot of sites in different niches – and I see how drastic are top 10 SERP changes. Just 1 month ago the particular keyword was dominated by adsense site, now all the top 10 are huge merchants, the marketer’s sites are down to page 2 and deeper, which is basically $0 income. In some niches, there are still affiliate sites dominating top 3-5 results, but in other niches big companies or merchants outrank all other sites, no matter how valuable or helpful their content is.

Today is March – and I too see a huge difference (mostly negative) in traffic, especially for adsense minis that I have. Most of these were built around either product brands or names of products (like – pet supplies) – now who’s dominating these keywords? – merchants selling pet supplies. Top level domains.

I see that the problem of our types of sites is NOT in the backlinks (like which links “work” and which are no longer effective) – but what type of content is now favored by google. I think the surefire way to get top 3 rankings is pick targeted keywords REALLY smart!

For some terms, typical sites we marketers build might not rank high even if the keywords are really non-competitive and “easy” – google simply doesn’t want our type of content any more, even if we craft a 2000-word article instead of typical 500-word.

So, I’m still on the fence – watching what’s going on and procrastinating with what I know works in SEO – creating new sites. I know what to do, how to do it, but looking at my traffic drops now, I find it really hard mentally to keep on doing what worked all the time for me – creating new sites. Even despite the fact that one of my latest sites I created is now generating over $800 a month.

I hope to hear back from you, how are your sites doing?

Blog Network Submissions Are Not Boosting Your Rankings? Here’s Why…

Blog networks has became the 1-stop SEO solution for many marketers relying on high ran kings and organic traffic.

It’s the only low cost and in many cases almost automated method of getting the required IP diversity and in-context linking from high PR domains which is considered as a real ranks booster as compared to links spamming of any kind.

There are numerous blog networks right now that we can use for free or by paying a membership fee. Some of these networks are based on the private sets of domains controlled by network owners (like BacklinkSolutions, SE Slingshot (AKA Elite Link Network? – just read their pages closely:) , Build My Rank and several others.

Other networks are massive sets of blogs that are brought by the network members. One of the most well known examples now is Authority Link Network, that counts more than 11000 domains now!

So, submitting posts to these networks is the way to get some backlinks and probably higher rankings. Does this strategy work? Definitely yes! – I personally use it a lot, all known marketers use it as well, the difference is probably in the mix of networks, but this is not so important now.

I’ve noticed that despite doing blog network submissions on a massive scale (right now my 2 assistants doing this and me personally) – for some of my sites I don’t see any returns on our work AT ALL!

I mean – dozens of daily submissions, linking back to the same pages of my sites, varied anchor texts, IP diversity, high PR domains, link velocity … – and rankings are not moving up. And the same situation for over several months…

Since I’m a member and contributor to several of blog networks, let me give you an insider look at all this blog network submission process.

Recently I submitted the fresh PR3 domain to one of the blog networks (I will not disclose it’s name, as well as the domain name for privacy reasons, since I’m a live member of it).  This is not ALN though ;)

The submissions to this blog started to proceed on January 01, 2012.

As of now, January 22, 1012 there are 5259 posts on this domain. It’s approximately 239 posts a day, wow!

And now let’s see how many posts have been indexed by google. I’ll simply use the site: command in google, you can even minus tag pages, archive, category and other pages like privacy, contact.

As we see here, only 3.55% of the posts made to this domain were indexed by google. The rest of submission was a waste (yet).

Ok, this was extreme example – I’m shocked myself :) Now let’s take a look at another PR2 site that I use as a member of another blog network. This is also the fresh domain and submissions started on 22.12.2011.

There’s a total of 259 posts published on this domain so far. How many are indexed by google? 145 total, and we have to minus all the same tag, category, archive pages… Even if we don’t minus these, the best indexing scenario gives us around 55% of indexed posts.

So, despite having a good inventory of aged and high PR domains, there are other factors that determine if the blog network can help your site grow in rankings.

My recap is as follows:

  • how many posts per day are published on the network’s blogs (= how long your post stays on the homepage of the the blog)
  • are there any supporting options to increase the indexing rate of posts? (RSS creation/submission for each post + social bookmarking)

By the way – homepage of the blog may be cached by google earlier than the inner pages, so if you see that homepage is cached on, say, January 14, it doesn’t mean that all the blog posts or pages that are added later are not indexed.

So, on my opinion blog networks submissions is a viable strategy when it’s utilizing high quality blog networks, plus the extra indexing measures is a must, otherwise we’re simply wasting the majority of our efforts here.

Among the networks that I use, it’s:

Backlink Solutions

I heard a lot of amazing feedback about Build My Rank network as they also use the indexing enancing measures for the posts made on their blog network.

However, there’s still some measures that can significantly help in making more published posts with your backlinks get indexed by google. I will talk about these in the folowing post.

So far, how are your sales or adsense earnings? I see a good spike of online activity and buying traffic is coming in… Adsense has already exceeded my previous month’s level – mostly due to increased traffic. New adsense sites that I’m creating are not yet showing any signs of success – multiple top 3 rankings for some inner pages unfortunately don’t result in many clicks. I still work on the main keyword rankings for these sites, which are around page 2.



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Income Stats – December 2011

Looks like I’ve been neglecting blogging these days, after so much hard work the energy levels exhaust and you need time to make full recovery.

In the last months of 2011 I kind of lost my bearings and this resulted in the effectiveness of online activity.

Yes, in order to grow the income, we need more traffic – that’s obvious. So it’s also obvious that we need to get more content published, make new sites or grow existing ones. There are a LOT more variables however – such as the rankings return on SEO efforts, conversion rates of our presell, lifecycle of the products promoted, and others – but return on SEO efforts is one of the most important – as this is what eats most of the time, money and energy…

Yes some of my sites were also hit by this update, aimed at “improving the quality of SERPs” – always makes me laugh and angry simultaineuously… Like the new “GOD-like” algorythm will decide if my page/site is high quality or not…

It’s been around 5 years in this business – and I haven’t hit my so called “tipping point” – when the business is growing on a larger scale than – It took me 12 months to add $2000 to my monthly income.

December 2011 – $4841,06

Yes I had better months, but I woudln’t call it “passive” – it’s ongoing, daily sweat and tears if done in the traditional SEO way.

I still have one money-making site that sits under “-10 filter” (if that one exists), no matter which links I built, it’s stuck to page 2 and more. But the main reason for low income levels in December is strange drop in conversions across all my sites.

Have you already listed your 2012 goals?

I’m still thinking of what direction to take. I haven’t achieved $10000 a month yet, my closest income was around $7800 but that was due to product launch – and I worked on 1 site for almost a whole month, so hard was competition.

Spitting out non-converting snipers is a waste of time, when it comes to affiliate marketing – but the same approach works better with adsense. But adsense income from a mini site is pretty small, so you see what I’m thinking about now? Paid traffic is another alternative – but my recent attempts to even USE my account in Facebook were smashing fail – I found that my FB advertising account is closed due to “unusual payment activity” Unfortunately, they don’t answer “WTF???” type of questions.

How’s your 2012 began? What are your goals? Eager to hear your thoughts!

Income Stats – November 2011

The income in November is in the decline after the October’s peak. It looks like October was also a peak of my performance as nowadays I’m not doing a lot of work myself.

Partly due to some offline matters, partly due to health issues, but now I tend to concentrate on less sites.

November 2011 – $6540.65

I have to say that despite some sites only dropped several positions in google, which is enough to lose income, this is not the only thing that affects earnings. Some sites face some magic time when they stop generating any sales, while the traffic is still coming in. The only one explanation I see is the decrease in the buyer activity.

Less sites are easier to manage, as the product-oriented model (mini sites) seems to be really “hit-or-miss” for me these days. It’s better to create a good multi-product site and populate it with good content, lots of good articles targeting the low-hanging keywords…

Backlinking Stuff

This is what I’m getting to now. The backbone of my SEO now is blog networks – there’s plenty of them to choose from… As YSE died, Link Diagnosis seems to be a replacement for quick backlinks analysis, but to be frank it’s even 10% not good as YSE was…

I thought of getting a basic membership in MajesticSEO, as their database seems the most valuable on my opinion, but still deciding on alternatives.

SEOSpyGlass has recently added their “own” database of links (which I doubt though, probably they’re using some source like Magestic or OpenSiteExplorer) so it’s also nice to get the picture of the site’s linking strategy.

Future Steps

I haven’t decided on the exact strategy of making money online yet – what I feel like is that ranking sites in google trying to make affiliate commissions is definitely a pretty unstable way of earning online. It takes too much work and can die in a moment, I mean all the time and money investment spent on creating and ranking sites.

I know people are making money just with SEO, but it’s much better to have some other ways as well. Spencer for example is not only a successful adsense publisher, but he’s also earning from his own product, and seems to keep working on the IPhone app now.

For 4 years online, looks like I only learned to stupidly keep building sites and ranking them, until google plays another huge dirty trick.

Income Stats – October 2011

I can’t believe another month has passed so fast – I wish our goals would be achieved as fast, so that we could enjoy the life a bit and reap the awards.

October was a pretty hard month for me, as I mentioned in comments – I had to significantly reduce the workload due to health issues. There were plans to complete a big affiliate site and start several others (the content is collecting dust on my hard drive for 3 months already) – but the reality always makes her own tweaks.

Considering my health condition, I decided to work on only 1 site personally – and my assistants worked on the other projects, maintaining backlinks. This site was a product launch in the IM industry. Due to the limited time before the product launches (JVs had only 1 month to get their bonuses up and sites ranking) – I had to make this project my #1 priority.

Well, it was a huge SEO clash, as I was competing with some smart guyes – and to be frank I thought I lost this battle (on the product launch day my site was #6 or 7) – but now I seem to be #1.

A Bit Of SEO Philosophy

In my humble opinion, nowadays SEO comes down to the number of services/resources that we can afford now. I mean, all we need is to understand the basics and being able to turn these into a strategy that can be applied again and again, sometimes without our own efforts. I mean, everyhing can be outsourced or bought now – press releases writing and submissions, profile links – everywhere!, massive article blasts, high PR blog networks – both mainstream like BMR or Unique Article Wizard and private ones, that cost a bit higher.

So, each new site becomes a project that has investment and ROI – and approaching SEO game from this angle makes it possible to invest earnings back into the scaling the properties that rank high and make us more money. So we have several variables like – will our gut feeling of profitability work out? will our approach towards the specific niche/keywords set work out?

Couple Of Words On Panda

Yes my sites were also affected – not all of them. Some lost top spots, some became stronger, some remained intact. I didn’t do any investigation into possible reasons, since we never know which variables in google’s algo changed that caused these SERP movements.

To be frank, I still don’t see obvious ways of getting the dropped sites “out” back to top. Yes I keep adding backlinks, but this doesn’t change things to the better. I’m waiting for this update to settle down, and as a way of maintaining the earnings – my unique recipe for ANY panda (and other) updates is – KEEP BUILDING NEW SITES.

Did you see any way to recover from the SERP drops? Did you manage to recover any of your sites? I’m eager to hear your thoughts! ;)

How Much I Made In October?

OK, down to my earnings:

October 2011 – $7885,47

Not bad considering the reduced workload! Beating my record again, that’s nice. By looking at figures, I put it down to:

  • increased buying activity in health niches
  • replacing the top recommended products on one of my sites
  • successful product launch promotions (achieving #1 position for the product name keywords which resulted in the sales spikes)
  • improved rankings of some sites after panda

At the same time, a couple of my money-making sites lost rankings which resulted in the loss of some incomes, but again – the more sites we build, the higher the chance of surviving the constant google devilry.

Adsense is the part of my busniess that I seem to be neglecting despite the asseverations to keep working hard in this field. Adsense sites (which are XFactor minis and a couple of bigger content packed sites) produced only $113,95 in October, due to the google update I guess.

Introducing the Monthly Income Report

Recently I was contacted by Adam from Monthly Income Report. He created a blog that tracks the bloggers who share their real online incomes and ways to make money online.

It’s a great idea for many marketers who look for inspiration and methods that work for other people. For me, it’s a great place to discover the approaches and personalities of other successful marketers, that helps me break my own limits by learning from these people.

Wishing Adam success in his venture!

Income Stats – September 2011

September earnings made my day!

With a quick burst in sales in first days of September, the income went down a lot – I even calculated the gross earnings on Sept 20 and found that I haven’t made even $3000! That supposed to be a huge drop – after all, despite the “slow” August my income still was on the highest level. So I got mentally prepared for the drop…

But what happened later, in the late days of September – was a crazy buyer frenzy! Sales started picking up really fast, and conversion rates were through the roof. While in the mid-September I started to getting used to below-$100 days, now my income hit new records.

September 29 – $562.46 day, 12 hours after – total of $754.41. I also had several $200 and $300 days before. I have to admit – many of us get emotionally attached to the incomes our sites generate in organic rankings. Not WE generate them, as there are outside factors that we cannot control.

Probably you’ve heard about SWOT analysis? S – strengths, W – weaknesses, O – opportunities, T – threats. Since I’ve learned this strategy from Jeremy Palmer, my understanding of the business has changed. There are ALWAYS 2 variables that we don’t control – we can (and should) take these into account prior to starting a busness/campaign/site, but never take these under our control.

So, instead of checking stats 10 times a day and jitter over these, I better concentrate on my own strengths and weaknesses and work with these. Keep building sites, hiring staff and planning our future steps. I became less emotionally attached to the stats – that definitely doesn’t convert into more sales.

If we don’t have sales for 3-4 days and our sites are still getting traffic, well that might be temporary issue outside of our control, but we always can so something to improve conversions.

OK, let’s get down to the stats:

September 2011 – $6730.80

I still have underperforming sites, and several domains that need the highest priority attention. If you see the new trend/keyword that is very promising – it’s very important to launch and get the site indexed as soon as possible. All others will follow, and harly ever rank in the top 3. Why? Well. let’s imagine if 1000 sites are agressively targeting the same keyword – which sites will get #1 rankings? Those with more backlinks? :)

I also have another site that sent over 1180 clicks to the offer. It made only 10 leads and $450 in income. So the conversion rate was below 1% (!) I guess that’s because of the low quality of content, that is not preselling visitors. I’m planning (someday…) to get to this site seriously and work on CR improvement. Over 1100 clicks from site to offer is a huge potential – I guess this is a perfect situation for building a list and promoting to it.

I also build new bigger sites now, writing the content myself and working will all the wordpress posting. This cannot be outsourced since every page should be laid out for maximum conversions. That’s why I sometimes think of adsense sites – it’s so easy to outsource and promote these sites, and scale the business much faster than affiliate sites!

So far I’m working on 2 adsense sites in the education niche. Pretty competitive but the clicks are over $1-2 each. OK it’s time to sleep – it’s 4:20 am here, I’ve been working on 1 single page for over 5 hours… The site has over 30 pages.

You’re welcome to share your own progress, please leave a comment below!

Creating Bulk Unique Variations Of The Resource Boxes For Your Article Marketing Campaigns

Hello readers!

In this post I wanted to share a pretty great technique that I use for all my article marketing campaigns and related submissions. The benefit of this method is that it allows you to save a tons of time and make sure all your site pages receive their backlink juice.

For this purpose, I will use tools like Magic Article Rewriter or The Best Spinner, and a free tool Spin Link Builder (disclaimer – I’m not the creator of this soft and since the original download location is now dead, I’m providing it from my site – the software was always distributed for free and never sold for money, so feel free to use it, and thanks a lot to it’s creator!).

Initially, we need to get a list of all our site’s URLs and assign up to 3 variations of keywords that will become the anchor texts for these pages. I’ll take a sample site from the top 10 results of google for the fat burning furnace keyword. The site is not mine and it’s just taken for the puprose of the sample.

This category has several reviews, probably around 10 pages total, plus other pages. What I always do when I add new page to the site, I list this page in Excel preadsheet and assign several keywords that I wish it to rank for. Obviously these keywords will become the anchor texts for all my backlinking campaigns.

Getting The URLs and Anchor Texts Ready

OK, in order for this sytem to work, we need to take 4 pages and assign up to 3 keywords to each URL, and paste this into notepad file:
fat burning furnace
fat burning furnace {review|reviews}
fat burning furnace program
slim fast
slim fast diet
slim fast diet review
sonoma diet
sonoma diet program
sonoma diet review
atkins diet plan
atkins diet {review|reviewed}
does atkins diet work

OK done.

Writing Resource Boxes

Before we write resource boxes, we need to understand that article submissions are the easiest way to backlink many different URLs on our sites, easy to automate and schedule for drip feeding. So it’s basically the routine that only requires some limited time investment, to the point when we click submit button or send the content to the Unique Article Wizard or any other submission services.

THe article topics can vary differently from each other, as we mostly do this for backlinking puproses. So, our resource boxes should be written in a very general way. They ideally should be OK for any article we submit. It’s not that hard to write these.

At the same time, the resource box should tell us about the site content and what we get if we follow the links.

Now we need to write 6 unique resource boxes for our site, and paste the tokens into the places where we will have our URLs and anchor text variations. Why 6 boxes?

Spin Link Builder has 4 tokens for our <a href> stuff, called SPINLINK_A, SPINLINK_B, SPINLINK_C and SPINLINK_D. It’s obvious that we need 6 varations of text in order to mix these tokens with each other, while avioding repeating mixes. So there’s:







Now let’s write these 6 different resource box texts. What I do is write something more general, remember we’re doing this for links mostly, not to impress the visitors:

  1. Lookind for the diet programs that really work? Please take a look at the SPINLINK_A and the SPINLINK_B as well.
  2. There are numerous ways to get rid of unwanted weight, and diet programs can really help you. Check out SPINLINK_A and SPINLINK_C to learn more about diet programs that are proven to work.
  3. Among the numerous weight loss methods that flooded the market today there are diet programs that helped many people to achieve their weight loss goals. For more information, please read SPINLINK_A and SPINLINK_D.
  4. If you are looking for the diet programs that work, please check out SPINLINK_B as the most suggested program. SPINLINK_C is also a great option that showed effectiveness for fast and safe weight loss.
  5. Please click SPINLINK_B to learn more about safe weight loss method. You can also discover more about SPINLINK_D as it’s another popular program known to promote safe weigth loss.
  6. Are you desperate to lose weigth faster and safe? We suggest you to consider diet programs that proved their effectiveness. SPINLINK_C or SPINLINK_D are great options with a numerous positive feedback.

Grand from is sharing how to build massive resource boxes and other SEO stuff. In his spare time he’s writing reviews of different products like SPINLINK_A and SPINLINK_B…. :)

Mr. Writer loves to write amazing content for the web and is considered as a brilliant copywriter by the respected gurus. SPINLINK_A and SPINLINK_B articles are going to take the next Pulitzer award so please read these now and feel amazed….

I think you got the idea?

I got my brain working for the whole 5 minutes… And we need another 5 minutes now to spin these 6 resource boxes in our spinning tool.

OK, now I tend to use Magic Tokens in Magic Article Rewriter or Favourite synonyms->Best->3 variations max in The Best Spinner. Then I simply remove unreadable variations that make no sense, and add extra spins if necessry. Here’s the net output:

  1. {Lookind for|Searching for} the {diet programs|diet plans|weight loss plans|weight loss diet plans|weight loss diets} that {really|actually} work? {Please|You can|Feel free to} take a look at the SPINLINK_A {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the} SPINLINK_B {as well|also|too}.
  2. {There are|You will find|You can find|You’ll find} {numerous|many|quite a few} {ways|methods|approaches} to {get rid of|reduce|lose|drop|shed|burn off} unwanted {weight|pounds}, and {diet programs|weight loss plans|weight loss programs|weight loss diet plans|weight loss diets} can {really|actually} {help|benefit} you. {Check out|Take a look at|Have a look at|Look at} SPINLINK_A and SPINLINK_C to {learn|discover|find out} more about {diet programs|diet plans|weight loss plans|weight loss programs|weight loss diet plans} {that are|which are} {proven|tried and tested} to {work|deliver the results|give good results|be effective|show good results}.
  3. {Among|Amongst} the {numerous|many} {weight loss|weight reduction|weight-loss|fat loss} {methods|strategies|approaches} that flooded the {market|marketplace} {today|these days|nowadays} {there are|you will find|you can find|you’ll find} {diet programs|weight loss plans|weight loss programs|weight loss diet plans} that helped {many people|lots of people|a lot of people} to {achieve|accomplish} their {weight loss|weight reduction|weight-loss|fat loss} {goals|objectives}. For more {information|info|details}, please {read|look at|check out|see|take a look at} SPINLINK_A {and|or} SPINLINK_D.
  4. {If you are|If you’re} {looking for|searching for|trying to find} the {diet|dieting|weight loss} {programs|methods|programmes|program} that work, please {check out|take a look at|have a look at|look at} SPINLINK_B as {the most|one of the most} {suggested|recommended} {program|system}. SPINLINK_C {is also|can also be|may also be|will also be|also is} {a great|an excellent} {option|alternative} that showed {effectiveness|results} for {fast|quick} and {safe|harmless|healthy|comfortable} {weight loss|weight reduction|weight-loss|fat loss}.
  5. Please click SPINLINK_B to {learn|discover|find out} more about {safe|secure} {weight loss|weight reduction|weight-loss|fat loss} {method|approach|strategy}. {You can also|You may also} {discover|find out|learn|check out|read} more about SPINLINK_D as {it’s|it is} {another|yet another|one more} popular {program|system|method} known to promote safe {weigth loss|weight reduction|fat loss|slimming}.
  6. Are you {desperate to|eager to|wanting to|needing to} {lose|shed} {weight|fat|pounds|excess fat|unwanted weight|extra weight|unwanted fat|extra pounds} faster and safe? We {suggest|recommend} you to consider {diet programs|diet plans|weight loss programs|weight loss diet plans} that {proved|showed} their effectiveness. SPINLINK_C or SPINLINK_D are {great|excellent} {options|alternatives} {with a|having a} numerous positive {feedback|testimonials|customer feedback}.

Final Step – Get Unlimited Number Of Resource Boxes Using Spin Link Builder

This is IT! Done for most of the article marketing for your site. Now the rest is technology. Let’s now paste our 4 URLs and keyword options into the Spin Link Builder and assign a token to each of the 4 URLs/anchors. Also, paste in our highly spinned 6 resource boxes into the Tokens fields:

This is how it will look like in the SLB. Now you see why we needed exactly 4 URLs and 6 resource boxes? Now click “replace Tokens With Links” button and here’s your outstanding output:

{Lookind for|Searching for} the {diet programs|diet plans|weight loss plans|weight loss diet plans|weight loss diets} that {really|actually} work? {Please|You can|Feel free to} take a look at the <a href=””>{Fat Burning Furnace|Fat Burning Furnace {Review|Reviews}|Fat Burning Furnace Program}</a> {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the} <a href=””>{Slim Fast|Slim Fast Diet|Slim Fast Diet Review}</a> {as well|also|too}.

{There are|You will find|You can find|You’ll find} {numerous|many|quite a few} {ways|methods|approaches} to {get rid of|reduce|lose|drop|shed|burn off} unwanted {weight|pounds}, and {diet programs|weight loss plans|weight loss programs|weight loss diet plans|weight loss diets} can {really|actually} {help|benefit} you. {Check out|Take a look at|Have a look at|Look at} <a href=””>{Fat Burning Furnace|Fat Burning Furnace {Review|Reviews}|Fat Burning Furnace Program}</a> and <a href=””>{Sonoma Diet|Sonoma Diet Program|Sonoma Diet Review}</a> to {learn|discover|find out} more about {diet programs|diet plans|weight loss plans|weight loss programs|weight loss diet plans} {that are|which are} {proven|tried and tested} to {work|deliver the results|give good results|be effective|show good results}.

{Among|Amongst} the {numerous|many} {weight loss|weight reduction|weight-loss|fat loss} {methods|strategies|approaches} that flooded the {market|marketplace} {today|these days|nowadays} {there are|you will find|you can find|you’ll find} {diet programs|weight loss plans|weight loss programs|weight loss diet plans} that helped {many people|lots of people|a lot of people} to {achieve|accomplish} their {weight loss|weight reduction|weight-loss|fat loss} {goals|objectives}. For more {information|info|details}, please {read|look at|check out|see|take a look at} <a href=””>{Fat Burning Furnace|Fat Burning Furnace {Review|Reviews}|Fat Burning Furnace Program}</a> {and|or} <a href=””>{Atkins Diet Plan|Atkins Diet {Review|Reviewed}|Does Atkins Diet Work}</a>.

{If you are|If you’re} {looking for|searching for|trying to find} the {diet|dieting|weight loss} {programs|methods|programmes|program} that work, please {check out|take a look at|have a look at|look at} <a href=””>{Slim Fast|Slim Fast Diet|Slim Fast Diet Review}</a> as {the most|one of the most} {suggested|recommended} {program|system}. <a href=””>{Sonoma Diet|Sonoma Diet Program|Sonoma Diet Review}</a> {is also|can also be|may also be|will also be|also is} {a great|an excellent} {option|alternative} that showed {effectiveness|results} for {fast|quick} and {safe|harmless|healthy|comfortable} {weight loss|weight reduction|weight-loss|fat loss}.

Please click <a href=””>{Slim Fast|Slim Fast Diet|Slim Fast Diet Review}</a> to {learn|discover|find out} more about {safe|secure} {weight loss|weight reduction|weight-loss|fat loss} {method|approach|strategy}. {You can also|You may also} {discover|find out|learn|check out|read} more about <a href=””>{Atkins Diet Plan|Atkins Diet {Review|Reviewed}|Does Atkins Diet Work}</a> as {it’s|it is} {another|yet another|one more} popular {program|system|method} known to promote safe {weigth loss|weight reduction|fat loss|slimming}.

Are you {desperate to|eager to|wanting to|needing to} {lose|shed} {weight|fat|pounds|excess fat|unwanted weight|extra weight|unwanted fat|extra pounds} faster and safe? We {suggest|recommend} you to consider {diet programs|diet plans|weight loss programs|weight loss diet plans} that {proved|showed} their effectiveness. <a href=””>{Sonoma Diet|Sonoma Diet Program|Sonoma Diet Review}</a> or <a href=””>{Atkins Diet Plan|Atkins Diet {Review|Reviewed}|Does Atkins Diet Work}</a> are {great|excellent} {options|alternatives} {with a|having a} numerous positive {feedback|testimonials|customer feedback}.

At this point, you already have everything for a massive article submissions. How to backlink other URLs on your site? Just list another 4 URLs and keywords, paste into the SLB, paste the same (!) spinned resource boxes and immediately generate another crazy output of highly spun randomized resource boxes.

It’s perfect for Unique Article Wizard submissions, and every other method including top level article directories. At least I only spend 15 minutes doing this, then save it all to a file, and refer back to this file whenever I need resource boxes.

Does It Make Any Sense For Rankings and Traffic?

Well for the rankings like these (1st keyword is my main, the rest of pages are SOLELY promoted with a coulple of article submissions using this exact method):

And traffic like this:

…it’s a great method that is mostly automated. Probably not too impressive figures, but I haven’t touched this site for several months, as my main keyword is #2-3 all the time. It’s still making me around $300-$500 a month (consider very low conversion rate!) so don’t be lazy like me!!! Just add more pages, send some article submission links using these insane resource boxes, and get more traffic. Build a list or optimize for conversions, or – simply add adsense, and here you go, the income is growing.

I hope you found this useful, if not – well that was a lot of my time spent in vain :) I’d love to hear your feedback and probably you have your own ways to automate/optimize your work?

Income Stats – August 2011

August is the month when everything seemed to slow down really.

Adsense traffic and CTR, sales volumes, overall traffic to sites… And to be frank I expected August to be my worst month of 2011, as the “dead” period was so long… But during the last days of the months things started to pick up so fast and I saw nice increase in sales. Especially one of my sites that didn’t make a sale for 3 weeks straight. It got over 1200 clicks to the offer (imagine the traffic!) but the conversion rate was around 0.75% – and it was for a product name keyword! Only last days of August brought in those long awaited leads.

OK, down to the results:

August 2011 – $6089.50

It looks like another record? Seems like that…


OK, I spent over $1000 this month, mostly due to buying WSO almost on a daily basis. Once you appear on someone’s list, this becomes a nightmare – every single day you get these “brilliant” methods, case studies and traffic grtting plugins that will make your whole online adventure a breeze!

The same guru stuff, but on a WarriorForum level… The strategy is pretty simple – release some WSO (like how to got a whole site to the top of google with a “SECRET” strategies proven to work), build a list – and promote other WSOs every single day!

Soon I discover a lot of folders with ebooks and sheets on my hard drive, and a couple hundred bucks sent to the WSO releasers. Well, I have to say many WSO’s are nothing new, but there were a couple of cool things to add to arsenal. I even thought of doing the same, as with my level of skills I could easily release several WSOs on different SEO tricks, but I’d prefer not to create competition.

Anyway, in Sept I decided to stop buying this, as it really distracts from the money making activities. Using own brain helps a lot more.


Stating from Sept, I decided to put some serious effort into building adsense sites. I already got my 1st one ready. As the owner of the famous CTR theme, I decided to see how it works. My main niches in adsense will be education/medicine and related. Adsense sites are much easier to SEO comparing to the affiliate sites, as there’s no clear commercial intent behind these (you can easily turn off adsense blocks when submitting to some directories etc..) and generally the more traffic you get, the more clicks you get.

With affiliate sites this is not the case – you need targeted traffic, otherwise the site will not make any sales at all.. And this targeted traffic is much harder to get, as there are 1000s of other guyes smart enough to target the same converting keywords.

Best ClickBank Month Ever

Yes August made me $1129.69 on Clickbank. How I did this? I just decided to play with the product launch in the IM niche. I took the #1 rankings for the Rankd and Pillage set of keywords, and dominated these terms during the launch day, and weeks afterwards.

This strategy can bring a lot of money, and I only made $862.39. With the right approach, you can make thousands upon thousands. It’s not hard, just provide high quality content and some good on-page and off page SEO. All the methods I used are here in this blog.

August 14 was a great day, bringing over $200 in CB only… What I can say, Rank and Pillage is a great course, I bought it myself in order to write a good review, and looking at my stats, I only had 3 refunds with 39 sales.

Check Out Rank and Pillage Here

Sorry for my shameless affiliate link :) It’s only for those readers who start in affiliate marketing and want to learn successful strategies from A to Z.

Other Plans

I work a lot on affiliate sites for different markets. My plans are to maximize the leverage of outsourcing and get a good system for launching/ranking sites. SEO nowadays comes down to how many services you can afford + the right strategy. It’s all so simple. Top rankings are achievable for many keywords that seem too competitive… All I need now is a system in place to get things growing faster… $5K a month level is a good level, but my goals is to double it.

Income Stats – July 2011

Please don’t tell me another month is behind…)

Yes July was a very slow month, especially in the beginning. Despite having several sites back to top 3 after the recent google’s update, I’ve seen much lower conversion rates as well as traffic decrease in the weight loss related niches.

But – sticking to my diversification approach – I had another nice month. Here’s the stats:

July 2011 – $5146,55

The net spend this month was $864,43, where most of the spend was outsourcing payments. I was amazed to see that I only spent $65 on the content creation, which is definitely not the way to go for a marketer relying on organic traffic, that requires content, a lot of it and high quality.

I’m feeling fine about it – despite the slow summer season, I’m still on the level. As always – I expected $3K maximum, and mostly spent time offline in July!

My top July money maker shot to $982, and that’s different site. Top June’s (and pretty much top site of recent months) moneymaker site only generated $588, which is an average income across my top sites. Adsense clicks are stable – $179, 72. And yes – in July Clickbank sites made me $717,71 (after refunds) – Highest CB monthly earnings ever since the PPC era… Guess what I did? I bet you will hit it in 3 attempts – one of the ways to make money on Clickbank ), read below…

Got too tired and exhausted, mostly because of lacking the established system… and still jumping across the range of projects/sites – big ones and small ones.

In June and July I did my first 2 attempts in the Internet Marketing niche :) Well, I think this deserves a separate post! Especially how I got late to one IM product launch and managed to rank the site in top 5 for product name keyword in 12 days, with lots of competitors who also tried to take the top spots… That was a real fun and great experience!

There are currently 2 big sites with all the content ready, that wait to be created and launched, and 3 small sites – I need to stop procastinating and start working harder, like in good old days. No time to retreat – it’s time to keep turning our goals into reality!

Income Stats – June 2011

I can’t believe one summer month is passed already…

So much work is done, and even more to be done!

As you have noticed, all this google earthquakes seem to settle down a bit, many sites got back to top positions, including most of my sites as well. Plus, I recently noticed a PR update.

This was a HUGE PR update, I mean for my sites… My top ex PR4 now got PR6, I also seem to raised several PR3 sites to PR5, and I even noticed some of my inner pages for authority sites are having PR5… It looks like I’m the prowd owner of a really fat link juice network, ranging from PR1 to PR6, and several PR5’s as well…

However, I’m still not satisfied with the rankings – I wish rankings came faster!

I’m just telling about PR toolbar guyes, it all seems like a big myth, and definitely not worth bragging about, because we all know high PR is not equal to high rankings.

OK, down to my June 2011 earnings:

June 2011 – $6035,86

I expected it to be over $3000, but later google regained it’s consciousness and returned some buried rankings, so I just discovered I hit another record!

Again, it’s all random – month to month… I see some products that converted at 10% are now not selling at all, while the traffic grows… While other products that have been sleeping, start to take off and result in nice addon profits. I realize it’s the nature of this business – numbers game, and nothing more. Whoever says whatever.

We need more sites, in different niches, with different monetization strategies. Mini sites (these still work well, snipers aren’t dead), and definitely larger sites that earn google trust and every page you add typically ranks high faster thanks to the domain’s trust.

OK, enough for this post, I still work on multiple projects (sites) and testing things out, as usual. If I find something of value to share here, I’ll definiely post. All I do now is already in this blog – just applying the same strategies again and again. But new stuff comes up all the time, so I test some things as well…

Once I see some results, I’ll post! So please don’t forget to check me out couple times a year :)



Income Stats – May 2011

Another month passed so fast and I hardly managed to blink an eye…

It’s been a month when google kicked out another bunch of my sites with it’s update, including those that made some healthy profits on a daily basis. And despite all these changes, I still managed to keep up my earnings, and even raise the bar a bit!

I’ll be short here in this post, otherwise it’d take a lot of time and space to describe all the good and the bad what happened in May. I’d only say that I’m going to change my hosting asap – accidentally I found that my sites (including this blog) are loading incredibly slow.

This is not Indiantes SEO hosting, these guyes are great and I highly recommend them if you seek for the good SEO hosting. It’s my old shared hosting Midphase – stay away from them! I’m on them since 2007 and only now I saw this awful slowdown that keeps on happening day after day.

OK, here’s my earnings:

May 2011 – $5060.65

I achieved my next goal that was to make $5000 in a month. It’s not the net profit as I spend around 800-1000$ for outsourcing, services, domains, hosting etc… But – I like the tendency!

My adsense increased in May to $199.85 – thanks to my backlinking of several mini sites that I finally managed to do. Other factors of success are increased buyers interest in my products/niches, some recenly created sites starting to rank high and convert, and one of the CPA offers is back again. Well, the site was in top 3, made me $240 in leads and disappeared from google…as always!

If it were not for google’s crappy convulsions, I’d made a LOT more money in May, but this is our enviornment, and we have to adapt as it’s the only thing we can do.

OK mates, it’s interesting to hear how’s May performed for you. I have some ideas for posts, and a lot of work to do (building new sites now, several simultaneuously). I don’t expect to get the same level of income in June, as some of the performing sites are gone now from the top, but I’ll push it harder – there’s no other option but to win!