Many people like reading a book once whether it’s a novel or a story book. That’s why most of us have a pile of books accumulating dust on our shelves. The truth is, many have never thought of the idea of selling the used books to get money to buy new interesting titles or even use the money for other purposes. But, the problem would be where to sell the books.

When most of us think of selling used books, the first thought that strikes our mind is the nearby book store, or a sells garage. That idea is so frustrating because they buy used books cheaply.  And so you can’t make any meaningful money selling to them.

Find the best platforms selling books online

The emergence of eCommerce platforms has brought about convenience and made it easy to sell your used books from anywhere. The advent of online market places coupled with the smart phone technology has brought the whole world in our hands. If you have used books that are in high demand like web development books, you can make money quickly selling the books on the following platforms:

  1. Amazon

Amazon is not only a place where you can launch your selling e-books online business but also the sale of used books. Your books should be in good condition otherwise they will be rejected. Should Amazon reject your books, they ship them back to you free of charge.

  1. AbeBooks is a subsidiary of Amazon that helps people to find books from booksellers around the world. Your books must be in good order, and they must be able to sell for more than $15. Payment is by way of PayPal or Store credit.

  1. com is a portal that provides booksellers with an opportunity of selling not only text books but also any other books including used books. The advantage of selling your used books with Textbooks is that they can take books with creased pages, some writing, and highlight. However, damaged books will be rejected. The buyback minimum is $10, and you get paid via PayPal or check.

  1. Powell’s books

Powell’s books is another online platform that has been in existence since 1971. Powell’s books prioritize quality so that they will reject your books should they have creases and writings. They also don’t allow ex-library books as well as advance reader copies and rejected titles will be donated or recycled. The Buyback minimum is $9 or seven books and payment is by PayPal or credit store.