Have you ever thought about selling eBooks online and making a business out of it? Well, you are on the right place. If you are great in a specific area of knowledge and you want to provide value trough selling ebooks in exchange for profits – you can do it!

Once you create great and valuable content, equipped with great visual elements and define a great price, you are ready to roll. To help you out, we found the best marketplaces for selling e-books online in 2017.

  1. Payhip

This ecommerce platform is providing you with the option to sell anything digital, but ebooks is what they deliver the best. The platform provides you with great tools and marketing gimmicks that will help you setup and sell your e-books in order to grow your online business. You can use any triggers as discount codes, affiliate network, pricing etc – and in exchange Payhip is holding 5% per sale.

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  1. Kindle (Direct Publish)

As you may already know, Amazon is dominating the e-book market and enjoys a lot of exposure, so if you optimize your eBook for Kindle you can enter the marketplace and hold 72% of your sales.

  1. Lulu

Lulu is not only offering a marketplace where you can create an e-book and convert it into ePub or PDF within the platform. The advantage here is that Lulu can sell your ebooks to various publishers while earning commission via royalties.

  1. Tradebit

This web platform works on a same manner as Payhip. They let you manage everything from landing page to the actual sales process of the e-book. They have an affiliate network in order and various integrations with other software and tools that make the job a lot easier.

  1. Nookpress

Designed by B&N, this is a great tool to create and publish an e-book. They offer a great set of advanced tools for writing and design purposes, and the great thing is that they expose your ebook in front of all their subscribed users. This is what makes a great kickstart in selling ebooks as an online business.

  1. Kobo

A self-publish application and framework that is very easy to work with, packed with lot of power features for free. You can get your ebook sold in few simple steps as Kobo is exposing your valued goods on great amount of targeted traffic. However, they keep a fee per every sale you make.

Now that you have all the great web platforms for selling e-book online you can start a great and profitable business. What web market suits your needs the most? Let us know!