Selling eBooks online these days has never been so easy. You can thrive as a self-published author, use your blog content if you are blogger or have a website or create a guide for something that you are good at. Regardless, the market is hungry for knowledge and value, and they want a cheap solution in order to get it – and eBooks are the perfect match.

How do you get online sales for eBooks? How do you scale and get to the pro level where you can actually create an online business out of this?

  1. Free Giveaways

Hold your horses. Not forever – but for a limited time. If you are a new writer in the block, you need to make a name first. Do you believe in the value you are providing? Give the customers a teaser and they`ll be hooked. Even Seth Godin was advising writers to giveaway the first e-book for free.

This is something you do for the long term strategy of this online business, you will start for free OR perhaps write a pocket edition of the eBook and then a premium edition to sell online.

  1. Psychological Pricing

The eBook market is very cost-conscious, they would buy hard copy books otherwise. You know the value of the book so price it accordingly. If it’s low on pages and design, than aim for $0.99-2.99. If you’ve invested a ton of research and designers to make the eBook amazing, hit the higher scale $29.99-49.99

On a side note, research says that the average price between these two works the best, and that is 9.99$ for valuable content.

  1. Spread The Word

To get your eBook being sold online people must hear about it and eventually locate it. There are so many websites and blogs that can help you achieve a proper promotion for your eBook via Blog Posts, Newsletter Marketing, Social Media and advertising. It is highly important that you find influential blogs or bloggers to go trough your eBook and share their review as people most likely would check opinions about the eBook before they invest their money and precious time.

  1. Go Pro with Sponsors

Doing research and writing a valuable ebook that you’d love to sell online takes time and effort. And if it’s not getting income it will affect your lifestyle. Therefor, looking up for a sponsor that will finance you while you write the eBook and prepare it for the market, may be the right thing.

You can do this by contacting various companies or people, or even organizations. Reach out and pitch your plan and how you’d get their investment back with profit on top of it.

There are so many opportunities that you can as a self-publishing author nowadays and selling ebooks online is the new trend.

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